What Types Of Extensions Are Available? +

We offer halo, clip-in, kerafusion bond, hand-tied, and tape-in extensions at Extension Bar.



Instant Enhancement

A set of wefts which have clips sewn on to the top to quickly be clipped in and out of the hair. They are great for a night out for an instant enhancement.



Instant Enhancement

A weft of hair in the shape of a halo with an invisible clear plastic string connecting the ends. To install, you simply place atop of the crown, gently pull down to adjust, then pull the hair from the crown over the halo creating a seamless thicker and or longer look. There is absolutely no attachment to the natural hair making the halo the most gentle form of extensions protecting the hair for a quick on and off application.


Kerafusion Bond

Lasts Between 8-16 Weeks

Individual strands of hair with keratin bonds at the top holding all the hairs together are attached using a fusion tool to soften the bond to mold onto your natural hair. This creates a natural look that moves the same with your hair and feels light as a feather, lasting between 8-16 weeks.

Penelope Before44.jpg


Lasts About 8-12 Weeks

A row of attachments / beads are placed on the natural hair attached in wefts by hand sewing onto the natural hair. This method is ideal for anyone who is looking for extreme thickness and weight, great for that photo perfect hair! Lasts about 8-12 weeks and the hair is reusable too!

Penelope Before14.jpg


Lasts About 4-10 Weeks

Temporary hair extensions using double sided clear tape to attach the extensions to the natural hair. They are super simple to install and take out for a quick change, lasting about 4-10 weeks.